Crypto cufflinks

Crypto cufflinks

If you want a pair of matching logos then simply select the logo and "add to cart".  If you would like a logo on one cufflink and your public key (QR code) on the other then please select a logo AND enter your public key in the text box.  Your key is not needed for matching logos.

Any wallet that can read QR codes should be able to scan the cufflink although it's always up to the sender to make sure the address is correct - no banks, no refunds! :) 

Domed protector over an aluminium print. 

For any custom variations please contact me.

*printed and assembled by discofish designs ltd. 

The video below shows the Android app "Zcash wallet" to recognise a public key, check the current transaction fee and populate ready for sending.  The concept works with any wallet that can recognise a QR code.  Key codes are all created on-demand using text>QR software and checked for recognition before and after printing.  

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