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If you would like to get started with crypto currencies (such as Bitcoin), the easiest way is cloud mining.  You're basically purchasing processing power...  or hashing power as we call it in the business :D from hardware owners. 

I've added some mining power with Hashflare as they have recently reopened up BTC mining and have established a good reputation.


Another easy way to get started is mining through a point and click application like Minergate or Nicehash.  No coding or .cmd use is needed - it's as simple as downloading the software and clicking play!  It won't make you rich anytime quick unless you have a big mining rig of your own, but using existing equipment you can steadily obtain a small supply of trade-able crypto currencies.  These can either be kept in their native form or swapped out for Bitcoin.   After running both for a few weeks I definitely prefer NiceHash although daily profits have been steadily declining and I am now looking more in to console mining.  This looks a bit scarier as there is no graphical user interface (GUI) but it's still easy to use. 

*** No financial advice - just my personal actions, for which I am solely responsible!

Exchanges and "Alt" Coins:

Another tool/site that could prove useful is VirWoX - the option to trade GBP/EUR to SecondLife Linden dollars (L$) and then to Bitcoin provides an alternative way to initially obtain crypto coins without a bank account.


Once you've loaded up with Bitcoin and want to diversify your portfolio with some alternative coins, you can do that through an exchange such as KuCoin. 

Quote my invitation code of 7dHuJP or sign up after clicking the link below and I receive an invitation bonus.


KuCoin - currency exchange

Once you've spent lots of money on more cheap, hot alt coins that you can count then it's time for a portfolio tracker. is superb!!  It is so easy to use and links to lots of exchanges automatically. - portfolio tracker 

Air Drop Referral bonuses:

Air drops are promotional events run usually as part of an Initial Coin Offering.  The value will generally be quite low, and will sink lower once the coin hits exchanges and everybody wants to convert their "free money" to umm... "real money", but if there are projects that you genuinely think will take off, then any free coin is more than you had before taking part! :) 

As there are so many scams about, I always use a brand new wallet address for each project - just in case it is ever compromised, there is at least some separation to other coins/tokens.

Here are some of the air-drops that I have participated in - the links below are my affiliate/referral links and there is usually some sort of bonus coinage for any sign-ups.  More like Champagne Tower than pyramid, but seriously, it's wild out there and scams tarnish the blockchain name and give mainstream media more ammunition.  Do your own research before any investment.

Viva la crypto revolution!