Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is the production of crypto coins, usually through a "proof-of-work" system - some do use staking of existing coins but that's less fun. 

There are lots of ways to get in to crypto mining!  One way is to use some space on my mining rig.  I currently have 14 GPU bays available on Larry, the ASUS B250:

Give me a shout if you're interested in using one. 

1.  You buy the GPU (AMD or NVidia and minimum of 4GB GDDR5 please). 

2.  I provide connection peripherals, install your GPU in a spare bay and keep it running as efficiently as possible.  I keep downtime to a minimum and regularly switch to mine the most efficient coins (then convert to BTC - unless you prefer to mine a specific coin and be paid in native coinage).

3.  Proceeds are split as follows:

            70% to you;

            25% to rig-founders;

            5% to solar fund (funds reinvested in to wind and solar energy generation)

4.  Cancel and receive your GPU back.


No guarantee of any profit is given.  Cryptocurrency is a speculative area and could be subject to legal or technical limitations without any notice.  In short, the whole thing could go bad and everyone could be forced to use "real" money again.  There may also be tax implications for any income you receive in crypto assets.  This is all for you to determine and arrange - I'm offering to keep your GPU running, not do your taxes! :)

An alternative to mining with your own equipment is cloud mining.  This is renting the computer processing power of someone else's machine.  I have contracts with 3 major cloud mining companies.  Details at:  

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