How old are you?

Posted by James 27/02/2018 0 Comment(s)

We're all exactly the same age.

Some awarenesses have been in human form slightly longer than others, but we are all made from pretty much the same ingredients.

Matter in the form of particle atoms started to appear within the first second of our Universe's existence although some heavy elements in our ingredient list don't appear for another 10 million years. Some even need generation III stars to exist to start forming rocky planets before certain heavy metal interactions can occur.

Whilst our unique awarenesses and perspectives are unique and different, we are connected permanently and continuously through our atomic, sub-atomic and quantum genealogy.

The rules and constants that determine how our Universe behaves were established with a BANG 13.722 billion years ago. They can't be changed... And so the path that all matter has taken has been inevitable... It's massively complicated as so much stuff is involved, but it's really like a big one of those marble games where the marbles are all poured in at the top, they hit pegs and then they land in different compartments at the bottom. The marbles were launched 13.772 billion years ago and the Universal constants are the pegs and the board. Your current awareness is one particular compartment at the bottom... Just for that moment and then it's another, slightly further from the top.

Every second you are taking in new material ingredients and releasing old ones... You're continually interacting with the universal ether that connects us all.

It feels like you have control and free choice, although you can't alter the constants... Every thought you think and every action you take is determined by your past experiences, which were all determined by the path of the marbles, which were all determined by the rules at the beginning. So stop worrying and enjoy the ride! It's taken a long time to build you!

I haven't lost them!


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