Lock, Stock & Blockchain

Posted by James 24/02/2018 0 Comment(s)

Lock, Stock and Blockchain. - controversial but unsolvable by continually repeating the same rhetoric. We need to be able to discuss and objectively review incidents if we are to learn from them. :(

I don't think the solution is banning guns... Please remember why the Second Amendment protects the right for a free populous to bear arms. America was founded as a statement against the rule of royalty and the unelected wealthy. The founding fathers knew that power corrupts and they knew that the people would face oppressive regimes again in the future. The Second Amendment is the people's protection against an armed and corrupt government! Western governments have spread blood across the globe and patted ourselves on the back for enlightening the uneducated with such glorious culture. ... and we then wonder why some people are reluctant to give up their personal guns... to a government that spends as much taxpayer money on official guns as the next 9 combined (China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, South Korea). I don't think we need professional armies - if your home is worth defending then you'll defend it whether you're paid to or not. Anything else is attacking.

Crisis actors and false flags aside, I'm certain children are dying in the places where they should feel the safest - but I'm afraid that anyone intent on doing something as grotesque as killing children is not going to stop just because one way of doing that it made illegal. The solution doesn't solve the problem so it's not a solution. I also don't think the solution is more guns. Armed patrol police prove hundreds of times a day that keeping calm 100% of the time, being on your professional and sympathetic, public-serving and protecting A-game 100% of the time, whilst also being trigger ready 100% of the time is not possible as a full time job! Being armed and ready to take human life should be reserved for the most stable-minded, zen-like beings we have... who really understand the implication of individual consciousness and sentience. Only vegans (for the animals) should be armed!! :)

...seriously, the solution! Regulation and transparency. ALL weapons-grade weapons (INCLUDING MILITARY) to have a unique serial number, recorded on the Lock, Stock and Blockchain (LS&B)... They don't fire unless loaded with GAS (the currency generally used to make transactions on a smart contract blockchain). The GAS is used to record the "when, how and who by" each time a weapon is fired. The firing "transaction" forever recorded on the LS&B - publicly available for anyone to see! If we think we still need an army and wars and such... then when a country goes to war the population decides how much they load up the military weapons with GAS. That way the citizens decide when a state needs to take deadly action and how much... when to not and when to stop! SEVERE penalties for anyone with a non registered weapon.

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people, and monkeys do too (if they have a gun)." - Eddie Izzard

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