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The soul or spirit many people refer to as James Carr is an illusion... even to "James Carr". The illusion is very much like the first moving pictures from a zoetrope. The illusion of a soul or a default personality is lots and lots of snapshots of a make believe reality. A reality rendered only inside the head of the person experiencing it. Even the present moment - the "now" that everyone is so keen to live in - is an illusion. If touch information from the feet were processed at the same time as audio information from the ears, there would be a mismatch - like watching a film with the audio out of sync, it would feel awkward and wrong, so our information processing centres build in about 80ms latency, to bring all the information together - sight (receptors in the eyes turning photon stimulation in to electrical impulses that can be processed in the visual cortex), hearing (tiny bones detecting minute disturbances in air pressure and converting these in to electrical signals that can be processed in the auditry cortex), touch, balance, temperature, hormones, breathing rate, blood chemistry, memories... everything you experience every second... all brought together to give the illusion of a real world and a single moment in time. We remember the past and we can think about the future so it feels like we really exist. But it only feels continuous because it hasn't stopped yet... the conscious awareness ceases to exist when we sleep and a new one appears when we wake and for every snapshot until the next sleep.

The conscious awareness that people called James Carr 2 seconds ago is vastly different to the one they might call James Carr "now". The James Carr that the parents of James Carr called James Carr when sat in a registry office and asked to attach words to the concept, bears even less resemblence. Red blood cells replaced on a 4 month cycle; white blood cells surviving a year; skin cells 2 or 3 weeks and colon cells being changed every 3 or 4 days! New brain cells growing every day and forming neural connections based on whatever experiences they're experiencing. Not much of the physical stuff has stayed the same... and even those atoms that have, once created in the explosion of stars that could only form using atoms created in the explosions of earlier stars, are only particles when frozen in time. Until observed and given a time value, the atoms themselves are everywhere in an uncollapsed wave/particle duality.

...or is that just me?

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