The art of re-zeroing

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The art of re-zeroing - helped me so thought I'd share.

Re-zeroing is a technique that I use to escape, to reconnect, to observe, to be observed, to get lost, to be found, to feel, to stop feeling – it does a lot of things and nothing all at once.

That’s kind of why it needed its own term – I couldn’t find an existing word that captured what I do with it.

But first, before RE zeroing, some background on what zero really means to me.

Whether scientific or spiritual, zero usually means “nothing”. The absence of things. Naught. A void. Emptiness.
For me, it is something completely different.

Instead of a starting point of nothing, my universe has a starting point of everything. In visual terms it's like the loading area in The Matrix... Bright white, forever, in every direction.

It wasn’t always that way.

Well, before time I mean. “Time” started the moment something, anything, changed. That’s all time is… a way of recording/observing change. If absolutely nothing in the whole universe moved, then time wouldn’t exist - you couldn’t measure it in any way, shape or form because there would be nothing to measure it against. It would be a big stopped clock.

There may have been an absolute void at some point but only until there wasn’t. I sum this up as “fornever there was nothing, until something, whenceafter came everything forever”.

I have visited the void in an astral way, but only long enough to see the very first spark of existence. It fizzed in to existence with, literally, all the power of the Universe. If you name this energy god then it’s understandable to see why you might say “God willed himself in to existence”. Once it existed it had to continue existing – there was nowhere for it to go.

For billions of years, the Universe worked using the rules established during the Big Bang – things such as the power of gravity or the strength of attraction between a proton and an electron. Fundamental relationships that have remained unchanged by any event.

Then humans came along and wanted to count things and measure them. Rudimentary counting by making marks on clay tablets was great for sheep and days in a lunar cycle.. but for big numbers it needed a new system. Indian mathematicians created a decimal system but this needed a place holder – something to say “ok, unit column is done.. move on to tens column”. A circle was used and zero was born. When Arabic scholars copied huge quantities of text without fully understanding the context, a mutilation of zero occurred.

At this point we stopped seeing zero as everything, full, complete, etc and we started thinking about it as nothing.

We introduced the concept of nothingness.

This sense of nothingness spread in to more aspects of life than just maths. It created a potential place for the afterlife. It created a fearful state of existence. It created worry about lack of abundance. In short, it switched our entire attitude from one of gratitude to one of fear.

From that point on, attention has been centred on avoiding the void. Finding ways to hoard and protect against future uncertainty. Building material forts of bricks and possessions to feel sheltered from the void. Instead of embracing the power of everythingness, as a species, we are running in the opposite direction.

Still trying to fill the void that doesn’t exist instead of embracing the beauty that surrounds us.

So that’s zero.

To rezero I try to stop processing the universe as a human and return to the infinite strength and certainty of the universe in it’s raw, unfiltered state.

As a human, I experience only a tiny fraction of the universe. When I see objects, I don’t actually see them. My brain paints a picture based on information that it has received from the millions of specialised cells in my eyes. They produce electrical charges when they’re stimulated by the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves.. we only see a tiny portion but it’s the same system that carries x-rays, radio, light (visible, UV, infrared) and microwaves.

With sound, my brain turns electrical signals from my inner ear in to something my awareness can experience. The raw data is vibrations in the air outside me, hitting my ear drum, vibrating tiny bones in my ear which in turn bend microscopic hair like cells. As they bend they produce electricity.

It's the same for all the senses. We don’t naturally experience the universe. We experience our brain’s interpretation of specialised data from specialised sensors.

When I rezero, I cut out the brain stage and I experience the raw data in real time. Instead of seeing the light with eyes, I am the light. Instead of hearing sound, I dance with the vibrations of the universe.

It is a form of meditation and gets easier with time. Sometimes I face challenges that test my coping mechanisms... But re-zeroing feels like a useful tool to have available.

Impatience and frustration stir up human responses within me, and I sometimes don’t see what is happening until it's happened but knowing that I am eternally part of everything... Whether I'm using a human state consciousness to observe it or not... Is a comforting position to be in.

From a state of rezeroed peace, there is the opportunity to chose how to dilute your awareness. We usually have so many things/people/pressures competing for our attention and we can really only attend to one thing at a time.

We can only hear one note at a time, or see one image at a time, or turn our thoughts in to one word at a time... By default we're pulled from pillar to post every moment we're awake. The more things, the more distraction. The more possessions, the more possessed.

Re-zeroing provides a chance to start from a blank slate and decide what brings joy and what should hold relevance in your existence.

I'm by no means “there”... But I would be less here without this technique.

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